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ChristineObee-008Looking for a way out?

A way out of a job that drains your energy, eats away at your soul and leaves you with a knowing, on some level, that there has to be a better way?

I know the pain of uncertainty. The paralysis of fear and the death grip of apathy. I lived in a world where I dreaded going to work. Eventually, it took all I had just to get through another day.

I understand the danger that living a life to please other people can pose to one’s confidence, purpose, and direction. You know, the one where you secure the professional position that pays well, makes your parents proud and shows everyone you’re a success.

I know from personal experience, that living that way will eventually bring you to a place where you have no idea what you like or what you want to do and that, is gut wrenching.

Being a facilitator of self discovery and growth, I’m your biggest supporter when it comes to going for what really matters in your career.

I stand for doing things differently, inspiring others to step outside their comfort zone and grow to places they never thought possible. For me that might look like throwing myself down the hill on a mountain bike, getting a serious lean-on in a sail boat or getting really vulnerable about my struggles in a blog post. What scares you and excites you all at the same time? Move towards it.

I know with commitment and the right techniques you can rediscover yourself.  To understand what’s under all of the social expectations and people pleasing and to have the same realization I did.  People will like you more, connect to you more, respect you more and value you more when you are 100%, unapologetically yourself.

This is the self you need to know in order to create a job or career that doesn’t feel like work.  The one you can’t believe you get paid to do.

After working multiple jobs and making 2 major career transitions, I know what it’s like to move past thoughts like “Work is called work for a reason”, “It will be like this somewhere else”, and “I’m not qualified to do what I really want to do.”

I understand how scary it is to give up a well paying job in hopes that something will work out. How daunting and energy draining sifting through job boards and carrying out information interviews can be.

Thanks to coaching, professional experience, yoga, meditation, and a lot of personal exploration, I have clarity around my strengths and passions. I have developed a trust that things work out even if I didn’t have the slightest clue how.

As a career coach and yoga instructor. I wake up almost every day excited to dive into my work.  The majority of the time I’m clear on where I’m headed and what I need to do to get there. When uncertainty does pop up (welcome to the human experience) I have all the tools I need to dig into it, ride it out and find my way back to clarity.

This is what I want to help you do. Gain clarity.

Clarity around what you want to do, how you want to do it and where you want to do it. To know what your strengths, passion and purpose are and build the confidence you need to go after it all.

I’m all about living and making decisions from a place of possibility, rather than from a place a fear.

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