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Coaching for Government Employees

You work in a government office world. You’re good at your job, but not inspired or motivated by it.

Here’s the truth: You really can have a career or job that fulfills you

Yes, it’s possible.  Everyone also has a starting point.  Does the below describe yours?

  • You’re not interested or engaged in the work you’re doing, which drains your energy and affects your home life
  • You’re DONE just earning a pay cheque and want to do work that actually means something
  • You’re constantly thinking about other options, but haven’t been confident any other job would be better than what you’re doing now, so you’ve stayed put
  • You’re feeling trapped because what you really want to do you, is something you aren’t qualified for OR because you have a mortgage, car payments and other bills
  • You’re not acknowledged or valued for your skills, experience, or work ethic

Find out why you’re in a job you don’t like and what to do about it

I can help you. In a 45 minute Strategy Session I’ll give you what you need to break through the blocks that are keeping you stuck in a job you don’t like.

I’ll help you understand why you are where you are. I’ll give you one or two strategies to apply immediately. And when you do, the overwhelm of not knowing what to do about not liking your job will subside. You’ll have clarity around the next step you need to take towards a job you like.

You’ll have insight into how it will be to like, and maybe even love, your job. An understanding of how to gain back and re-focus the energy your current job is sucking out of you.

To take advantage of this free offer, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Click here to access the Strategy Session Application
  2. Fill out the application form
  3. Look for an email from me with available session times
  4. Confirm your session time

These sessions have relieved job hate overwhelm and provided next step clarity for people just like you.

You will not have my programs pushed on you during our session. IF at the end of our time together you want more AND I genuinely think I can help you, we can discuss working together further.

10 years of working within government support services, seven years of coaching experience and three major career transitions has given me a background and skillset specific to helping you find a job you’re excited to do (most days).

“My strategy session with Christine allowed me the opportunity to come to terms with some areas I was holding myself back. Her approach provided some great insight and tools to help move past personal blocks and focus effectively. I feel less overwhelmed and therefore more productive to move toward my goals. I would recommend Christine to anyone looking to move forward on their career path with more confidence and purpose.”

Krista Ettles – People and Culture Consultant

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