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In your strategy session we’ll uncover the root cause of your ‘I don’t like my job’ problem and show you how to address it.  The result is being able to like, or even love, your next job.

During this session, we get clear on what you want, your current challenges, and identifying strategies that will help you move towards what you desire.  If something isn’t working in your life, we’ll go for it.

Does that sound like something you want?  Let me be clear.  You don’t need coaching.  My coaching is designed to support functioning individuals, like you, to their next level.  You are not broken and you do not need to be fixed.  However, if you see value in being held to showing up as your best self and having a light shined on how you’re holding yourself back, I invite you to apply for a session with me below.

This time with me is complimentary and my time is the most valuable thing I can give you.  My intention is to spend time with people who are as committed to their success and happiness as I am.  Know that the session is 2 hours long and that this kind of conversation isn’t for everyone.

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