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“What I needed when I came to Christine was to establish and nurture a relationship with my many parts – my Inner Child and sabotaging Outer Child.  Let me tell you that skill has saved me from destroying my relationship with my husband and my boss by blaming and judging them. I feel like I’ve been gifted a super power whereby I can show up in a fully loving and present way for people.  I’m so grateful to you for that! Because, just as I wanted, I daily use this super power to make healthier decisions, lean into my path, and show up in my business with a servant’s heart. I mean, if that’s not the key to everything we have ever wanted, including getting over ourselves and the fears that hold us back, then I don’t now what is! Cheers to a successful 6 months together.”

Chrisie Sidley


“I came here because I was lost on the job-hunting path. I needed guidance and support, as well as knowledgeable job-searching instruction. I had already wasted so much time, money, and hope on other career counselors, and I couldn’t believe I was putting myself through that again on a whim. But I appreciated that Christine was offering an entire session for free, and was curious about her different approach. Each session kept going so well that I eventually realized that going through the whole program was well worth the investment.

Even though I have yet to attain my tangible goal of a new job, I got much more than I expected. Christine helped me dispel the discouragement and pessimism that had become intertwined with my job-search. I’m now more confident of my overall value and more positive about my future prospects, and therefore much more proactive with my job-hunting. I think the greatest benefits were my improved mindset and my new skill with tailoring my CV and cover letter to each job posting.

I would recommend this type of program to anyone who needs help finding direction or renewed confidence in their ability to change their lives for the better.”

Mandy Noonan

“Christine is a natural coach. She listens with a sensitivity and presence that is strong and supportive, and her insights and questions reflect a remarkable ability to hone in on what is important. Almost immediately I felt totally at ease with her, and in our work together have shared some of my deepest, darkest fears and limiting beliefs. She has helped move me out of some seriously frayed and frazzled thinking into clarity and right action on more than one occasion. She’s grounded and fun and incredibly inspiring.”

Shannon Gallagher

“I am so grateful that Christine came into my life earlier this year. I was struggling personally and professionally and felt totally lost. I went from feeling despondent and exhausted, to invigorated and inspired with Christine’s guidance. Her ability to reflect on my words, and distill those thoughts into the core issues and suggested action plans was remarkable. Never did I feel uneasy or reluctant to share my inner most demons. And never did she allow me to feel badly about myself. Christine changed my life. I am excited about my new direction, and I give Christine total credit for my newfound confidence, energy and restored passion for life.”

Penny Wedd

“Christine allowed me to understand what I’m resisting is just temporary. She allowed me the space to discover peace and immediate relief, making powerful strides in more clarity.”

Ashley Jenkins

“I appreciated Christine’s energy and presence during our session. She possesses focus and flexibility that allowed the session to take it’s own path and made me feel supported and uplifted.”

April Caspari

“Christine approaches her coaching work with love, optimism and a sincere desire to be of service to her clients.  She created a safe space to be fully open and honest about where I was at, where I wanted to go, and what I thought may be blocking me from moving forward. Not only did she make my goals seem much more achievable, she helped me to break them down into manageable AND fun steps (didn’t know that was possible really :).  She also beautifully and lovingly addressed everything energetic and/or emotional (seemingly unrelated but we know better) that happened to come up in the process which I found to be extremely helpful.

I would most certainly recommend Christine to anyone who is looking to make a career change, or even to just begin thinking about and making steps towards a new career that brings more joy and fulfillment. I hold much gratitude for Christine for the love, effort and care she showed me during our sessions together.”

Sara Phillips

“My strategy session with Christine allowed me the opportunity to come to terms with some areas I was holding myself back. Her approach provided some great insight and tools to help move past personal blocks and focus effectively. I feel less overwhelmed and therefore more productive to move toward my goals. I would recommend Christine to anyone looking to move forward on their career path with more confidence and purpose.”

Krista Ettles

“I reached out to Christine as I was feeling pretty confused about my career and what steps I needed to take to gain some clarity on direction. She was great in asking me questions that really helped organize my thoughts. The biggest insight was realizing that I actually didn’t have to force knowing what I had to do – and the importance of filling extra time with activities I enjoy, rather than using it so much for development in the area of career when I still felt quite overwhelmed with that thought. I now feel a lot more relaxed during a time that could be stressful had I not reached out and got Christine’s insight that clarity will present itself more easily with a calm mind.”

Joanna Delaney



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